Client Testimonials

Awesome service, Vicky is super cool and is very knowledgeable with her stuff. They are really good working with your time! I would recommend this place to anyone!
- K. S (5/5 Stars - February 2019)

Vickie was fantastic & the doctor was as well. Great experience from calling the office to schedule the appointment to walking out the door after.
- M. H (5/5 Stars - December 2018)

The owner, Vicky was very professional and really calmed my nerves about having this done I had the laser rejuvenation treatment . I had several age spots on my face and it made my face clear as can be.
- C. S (5/5 Stars - March 2018)

I see Vickie for electrolysis and laser hair removal. She has been wonderful and set me at ease when I first started and was nervous. Vickie clearly explained the procedures and time it takes to get complete hair removal. It has been easy to make the appointments - I usually make my next appointment before I leave. I did have to see the doctor for a consultation before starting the laser treatment to make sure I was a suitable candidate. If I had known how easy this would be, I would have done this years earlier.
- D. B (5/5 Stars - June 2018)

Vickey is AMAZING! I felt comfortable and at ease while getting my laser. She’s so sweet and really walked me through everything.
- M. T (5/5 Stars - March 2018)

Vickie you are my hero! I've had Laser Hair Removal done many times at several places but QUICK-VIC (as I now lovely call her) is my new go-to, no question! I've been to About Face several times for LHR and have been extremely happy with my results, but this time I saw Vickie and her speed and efficiency made all the difference!! Just like ripping off a band-aid, get it done and get it over with! Thanks Vickie, I'll see you again soon!
- M. W. (5/5 Stars – March 2018)

The owner, Vickie was very professional and really calmed my nerves about having this done. I had the laser rejuvenation treatment. I had several age spots on my face and it made my face clear as can be.
- C. S. (5/5 Stars – March 2018)

I've been coming here for over a year for laser hair removal, and it's changed my life! As an Italian woman, it's GREAT to no longer worry about sideburns, facial hair and the dreaded 5 o'clock (underarm) shadow! I've seen both Vicky and Cassie, and love them both. I never felt like they tried to 'sell' me on anything - they were honest and told me it would take several treatments (over a couple of years) before I was pretty much done. They also always make sure to tell me about any promotions they've got going on, so I can always take advantage of them.
- T.B. (5/5 Stars – December 2017)

Such a nice place with even nicer people, I am receiving laser hair treatments and they get me in and out in no time, thanks y'all!
- M. J. (5/5 Stars – September 2017)

I have been most pleased with the results that I have received at "About Face". The E-Matrix has helped my face regain more tone and a finer texture. I find Vickie to be honest and very caring about her clients. She is always looking for the best products for her clients. I have had electrolysis done as well and am very satisfied with the results. Vickie and her staff take the time needed with each client and I appreciate that.
- G. C. (5/5 Stars – October 2015)

The staff is very nice, the facility is very clean. I have had Microcurrent, several facial peels, and electrology on my lip and eyebrows, fantastic results. They also have a great line of all natural facial products.
- L. W. (5/5 Stars – September 2015)


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